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Adamn Killa – Rag And Bone (Remix) Ft. Lil B

Adamn Killa – Rag And Bone (Remix) Ft. Lil B

Adamn Killa – Rag And Bone (Remix) Ft. Lil B: A Based God feature is about as rare to come by as the final token in McDonald’s Monopoly (don’t get gassed). Adamn Killa of all rappers has become the latest to join the elite squadron, his new single “Rag and Bones” Remix is a Dolan Beats that was kicking up dust since premiering as a solo track in 2016.

Lil B’s verse is so short and strangely mastered, that Adamn Killa ends up talking over his final elocution’s. There’s even a moment where Adamn Killa gets mistaken for taking a potshot at Wale but alas he was referring to Wall-E the refurb robot. Lil B’s spare return only adds to his cult status, in the way scarcity value, demand, you name it.

Check out “Rag and Bones” in its revised form if you hadn’t before.

DOWNLOAD MP3: Adamn Killa – Rag And Bone (Remix) Ft. Lil B

Quotable Lyrics:

They mad I had to prp my jeans
They mad I had to rag and bone my team
N****s switch up on they mans for some pussy
N**** bitches they get mad, they run and tweak
How a n**** running with no feet
These n****s act like birds but got no bees
They mad I got the Gucci on my feet
N****s and they feelings take a seat

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